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Big Horn Show SALE PRICE extended!
Now until the end of April, we are extending our Big Horn Show sale price for our 10LB Downrigger Weight. Buy it now for only $49.95 (regular price $59.95)
$59.95 each
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The Hydrodynamically Engineered
10LB Downrigger Weight
Reduce Blow Back by up to 80%
Keep your weight working closer to the strike zone
How it works
As you troll the water flows over the frontal bulb which creates a vortex behind each quadrant (one quarter section) of the bulb. This creates an energy force behind the bulb that propels the weight forward. This then reduces the " blow back" effect, and depending on depth, can eliminate it altogether. This weight can reduce the "blow back" effect by up to 80% or more. Therefore, you will always be fishing closer to the strike zone and have an enhanced fishing experience.
Cameras shown to demonstrate mounting position only. (: not included with weight :)
Our highly efficient DownRigger weight has a stainless steel spine that provides stability, reliability, and strength, giving a longer useful life. The stainless steel spine runs back into the tail allowing attachment of a camera such as a GoPro. Multiple attachment points are provided for your gear and accessories.

Our special rubberized coating is a combination of the durability of a powder coat that bonds very well to the weight and a soft rubber coating that resists cracking, chipping, and spalling. This coating:

  1. Maintains a very long life to protect the weight.
  2. Eliminates the induction of negative ions into the water by the weight.
  3. Protects your boat from scratches during handling and transport.
$59.95 each
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